Motherhood Monday!

Hello moms!

I want to invite you, proud momma, to be part of my new project, Motherhood Monday!

The goal is to inspire e motivated moms like you :)

The idea is simple: Every monday I will be featuring on my Page one mom and her baby, and to be featured is easy:

Write a sentence, maybe a tip or what you love about being a mother, how it changed you… Anything you would like to share with other moms about motherhood! Keep it short and sweet and attach a picture of you and your baby (or just your baby if you are shy).

It is a nice change to feature your business as well, just send me your facebook page or website address that it will be featured with the picture.


You can send it to 

So what you need to send me:

-Short statement, tip, sentence or quote you would like to share with other moms out there,

-A picture of you and your kids (if you don’t feel comfortable sharing pictures, let me know)

-Optional: Your business information and your job title.