• Infant Sleep help

    Designed for babies 4 months (12 lbs and up) to 18 months, so that we can address your child’s sleep needs and create a step by step plan for how to implement healthy sleep habits.
    It includes:

    -An in-deep questionnaire, where I can get to know more about your baby needs and habits to create the sleep plans that best fit their needs.
    -Sleep consultation (through video call or in person if you are in NYC area). In this consultation, I will go explain you the plan and answer all your questions. We will set the date when you will start applying the plan.
    -Personalized sleep plan that will be sent to you after the consultation.
    -For 2 weeks, starting when we start implementing the plan, you will have unlimited email support AND 3 phone calls to make sure you are on the right path and all your questions are answered.

    In the end of the 2 weeks, your baby will be an awesome sleeper as long as you commit to following the plan.
    The investment for this plan is 350$ paid before the consultation.

  • Newborn Sleep 101
    Newborns need lots of sleep, so this is not a "sleep training" program, it is a One-on-one Education session where I will go over how newborn sleep works and how to introduce healthy sleep habits from day one and this will help you avoid future problems.
    It includes one education session and a Newborn Sleep Plan, a PDF guide with strategies that you will learn in our session so you can check it when you need.
    The investment for the Newborn sleep is 100$

    *A great gift for an expecting family: gentle ways to achieve healthy sleep habits from the start!

  • Child Sleep Package $400
    Designed for children over 18 months who may be struggling with a number of habits that are interfering with much-needed rest.

    -1 hour Online or in-home consultation
    -Customized Sleep plan
    Over a 2-3 week process, I address your child's unique needs and create a step by step plan to address them while providing email and phone support.

  • The first step is to schedule a FREE 15 minutes evaluation call when I can ask you a few questions and tell you a little more about my work.
    After that, if both parts agree that we are a good match, I will send you a questionnaire and schedule our consultation.

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