Weight Loss For New Moms

The joys of being a new mom come with lots of challenges as well. A lot has changed and now we are even busier than before. It is easy to forget to take care of ourselves and let that extra weight we gained during pregnancy turns into a little more.

That is why today I am sharing this great article from Angie Gross, who is a Life & Weight Loss Coach and went through this journey herself and now is inspired to help other moms to overcome this challenge.


Weight Loss For New Moms: You can do hard things, I believe in you.

By Angie Gross

Being a mom is tough, being a new mom is even tougher, and being a mom & trying to lose weight is brutal.

After having my son Sebastian, who will now be three in September, I had 30lbs I needed to lose. I struggled with diet after diet, I struggled with exercise, I tried extreme exercise, I deprived myself, everything you could imagine I did. I started to accept the fact that “what I weighed was just what I weighed.” “I was a mom now.” “I will no longer have the same body I had pre-Sebastian.” All those thoughts ran through my head…daily. And those thoughts alone were what were keeping me “Stuck.”

After Sebastian was 1, I got a second job as a health & wellness coach at a local chiropractic office. Since I was going to be coaching a particular diet, I decided to do the diet myself to see what it all entailed. Well, let me just tell you this. It was 40 days of feeling deprived and hungry. The good news though was I lost 30lbs. After the “hard” part was over, I ended up gaining back 16lbs. That was when I started to apply my life and weight loss coaching tools.

The secret is in your thoughts. When you are thinking thoughts, like ones I was thinking above, you will generate a few feelings. They may entail comfort, contentment, and acceptance. Those feelings caused me to continue doing what I was doing. Overeating was the main cause. That overeating then resulted in me gaining more weight or maintaining my current weight.

It was not what I really wanted. I really wanted to lose weight. It wasn’t until I changed my thought during the brutal diet to “If I don’t lose weight, who am I to be an example to those who I am coaching.”

But once I quit that position that was when I gained the weight back. It was because my thoughts changed yet again. They changed to “No one is watching me now, I can relax, and slip back into my comfort zone.

We do this as moms. We like comfort. We like routine. So we settle. We settle for what is easy. When we decide to do “hard” on purpose it’s when we can truly make changes in our lives. It’s hard to change our thoughts. It’s hard to keep our thoughts in check. But once you master that form of “hard” that is when you will lose the weight and keep it off for good!You got this momma! I believe in you.

You got this momma! I believe in you.




Our guest writer today is Angie Gross, Life & Weight Loss coach certified through the Life Coach School. She is also an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Behavior Change Specialist and works full time for the military as well as being a full-time mom & wife. She is passionate about working with moms and empowering them to step into a dream relationship with a healthy body. She lost 30lbs and have been able to keep it off. Angie understands the struggles of being a busy mom and trying to be healthy. So, her mission is to teach other moms how they too can lose the weight and keep it off permanently.

You can follow Angie on Facebook clicking here and learn more about her and her and how she can help you here http://angiegross.com/